What is salary? Let’s know some questions related to salary and their answers …


Salary means the amount received per month for work which is also called salary. Let us know some questions related to salary and their answers.

what is the salary

Q1: What is salary?

Ans: Salary is the money that is paid to someone every month by their employer.

Q2: What is Salary?

Ans: Salary is paid by the organizations to their employees in return for the services rendered by them. That given amount is called Vatan.

Q3: What are the types of salary?

Ans: There are three methods employers use to compensate employees which include salary, hourly wage and commission. The method you choose depends largely on the nature of each job position.

Q4 : What is the monthly salary?

Ans: Monthly salary means dividing the base salary by 12. Monthly salary means the monthly salary of the employee.

Q5 : Is the annual salary one year?

Ans: Annual salary is the amount that your employer pays you during a year for the work done by you.

Q6 : What is a regular salary?

Ans: Regular salary means the basic salary paid by the employer to the support employee excluding premium paid, overtime and any other allowances or payments.

Q7: What language is the word for salary?

Ans: The word salary is derived from the Persian language.


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