What is a national party and how does it get the status of a national party?


What is national party? There are some countrywide parties, which are called national parties. These parties have their units in different states. But all the big units follow the same policies, programs and strategy which are decided at the national level.

National Party

Including our Aam Aadmi Party, 8 national political parties (Congress, BJP i.e. Bharatiya Janata Party, BSP i.e. Bahujan Samaj Party, CPI i.e. Communist Party of India, CPM i.e. Communist Party-Marxist, NCP i.e. Nationalist Congress Party, TMC i.e. Trinamool Congress and AAP i.e. Aam Aadmi Party).

National parties in India are political parties that are eligible to participate in elections in India. Some national parties were formed even before the independence of India.

how to get national party status , Any registered party which fulfills one of the following three conditions can be recognized as a national party.

When does the national party get the status,

1- It should win 2% seats in the Lok Sabha from at least 3 different states.


2- In addition to the 4 Lok Sabha seats, it must vote 6% of the votes in the four states to the Lok Sabha or the Legislative Assembly in a general election.


3- The party should be recognized as a state party in 4 or more states.

Q: Who is given the status of national political party,

A party, as redefined by the Election Commission, that secures at least six percent of the total votes in a Lok Sabha election in four or more states is called a national party. Eg: Congress, BJP.

Q: Write the names of any three major national parties in India

Ans: The names of major national parties in India are Congress, BJP, BSP, CPI, CPM, Nationalist Congress i.e. NCP Trinamool Congress i.e. TMC and AAP.


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