Vetan aayog update : When will the 8th pay commission be held? Know Latest Updates

when will pay commission

When will the 8th pay commission (Vetan aayog kab lagega) be held? Pay commission for employees is applicable once in a decade.

The 8th Pay Commission is expected to be constituted in 2023 based on the trends observed through 5th, 6th and 7th Pay Commission, however, nothing has been announced officially.

when will pay commission

According to the trends, the 8th Pay Commission will be constituted in 2023, its recommendations will be implemented in 2026. The central government is planning to set up 8th pay commission for government employees soon. However nothing has been confirmed yet.

Q1 : What is Pay Commission?

Ans: Pay Commission is a body set up by the Central Government to review and recommend changes in the pay structure of employees.

Q2 : What is the purpose of Pay Commission?

Ans: Pay Commission is an administrative system and mechanism of the Central Government that reviews and examines the existing pay structure and recommends changes (in pay, allowances, benefits, bonuses and other facilities) for civil servants and armed forces.

Q3 : After how many years pay commission takes place?

Ans: Pay commission is held after every 10 years.

Q4 : How much salary increases after pay commission?

Ans: Salary increases by about 4 percent.

Q5: Will there be 8th pay commission?

Ans: At present there is no consideration on the Eighth Pay Commission.


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