Recite chaupai/mantra to pass the exam


Ramayana has a very divine chaupai or divine mantra to pass the exam. Which you can start at the time of examination or if possible 1 month before. Then you will get success in the exam.

You are going to study or give any exam, like you give interview, for whatever work you can do this quadruple for him and for the students, for the students who are students, it will have a lot of effect, chant it or else Can do more.

But it is not that if you do not study or do not prepare yourself, then you will pass. You have to complete the preparation, but by the grace of God, then our preparation is also done easily and at the time of examination, we remember every answer that we should write.

That’s why you should prepare and do this together, have faith in God because everything works with faith. These are simple quadrupeds but they are of great use.

Chaupai / Mantra to pass the exam

Have mercy on Jehi Janu Jani! Poet ur azir nachawahi bani!!
Mori improvedihi so all the way! Jasu grace not grace hurt !!

quadruple to pass the exam
Chaupai / Mantra to pass the exam

You have to recite this chaupai of Ramayana daily and when you go to the exam, you go while reading.


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