Read some tips and tricks to top the class!


Devote as much time and energy as you have to your board. But make sure you don’t feel demotivated if you don’t top the exam. Because marks don’t matter in life, what matters is how dedicated and disciplined you are towards your goal. Do whatever you can.

In this blog, we will share some suggested tips and tricks to help you prepare for the board exams in an effective and organized manner.

Let’s go through 11 topics that will help you to top your class:

  1. Make a time-table: Go through your entire syllabus thoroughly and make a time-table. I would advise you not to follow any of your topper-friends. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and build on it. Make sure you utilize your time to the maximum level before the exam.
  2. Focus on Concept: Concepts are the basis of your score. The deeper and clearer your understanding of a specific topic or subject, the higher the chances of hitting that question in the examination hall irrespective of the difficulty level of that question.
  3. Self-assessment: After the completion of a chapter, make sure you go through the chapter questions and solve it from previous year papers. This will help you understand and evaluate how good you are at that specific subject.
  4. Give Mock Exams: The only way to excel in the exam is to practice the same environment and pattern multiple times before the exam. And this is possible only by giving mocks. You will understand the exam pattern, difficulty level and marking scheme.
  5. be positive: Self-confidence takes you to places you can’t even imagine. Meditate and exercise to calm your body and mind. Sleep well and stay positive to do your best in the exam.
  6. Solve the questions: At the end of each topic and also try to solve the previous ten years question papers. If you are stuck, make sure you solve it to the max the next day. Take help of teachers and seniors when needed.
  7. Maintain separate notebooks for each subject: Write down important notes and formulas you come across during your studies. This will help before the exam as you can just grab the subject notebook and revise the parts as per your wish.
  8. Highlight important points: Highlight important points and formulas on textbooks and reference books to easily find them. Revise the points when you get time.
  9. Know your strengths and weaknesses: Build your strengths but don’t ignore your weaknesses. Focus more on improving them. Take guidance from your teachers.
  10. revision : Don’t study anything new or from a new book just before the exam, as you might get confused. Revise what you have studied and go through important notes and formulas. Note down important formulas and keep them handy so you can refer to them whenever you want.
  11. keep fit: Eat healthy and get plenty of rest.


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