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Security Guard Bharti 2022 Government office or private company, there are security guard recruitment 2022 in all, if you want security guard job then you will get security guard job information here.

Here, we will talk about the Security Guard Recruitment 2022 prospects in various government sectors. This is the best website to look for Security Guard Jobs.

Get complete details about Security Guard Recruitment 2022 like eligibility criteria, number of posts, qualification required, application process, Security Guard Jobs recruitment process and many more.

security guard recruitment 2022

government office security guard recruitment 2022

security guard recruitment 2022
  • Security Guard Recruitment 2022: If you want security guard job then you will get information here.
  • Indian Bank Recruitment 2022: Applications invited for 202 security guards from 10th pass candidates, last date: 09 March 2022

Major Private Security Guard Company List:

1:SIS Security
2:G4S Security
3:peregrine security
4:checkmate security
5:NISA Security
6:SMS Security
7:orion security
8:Pioneer Security
9:Premier Shield Security
10:G 7 Security
11:TOP Security
12:armor security
13:V-Secure Security
14:DSS Security
15:fire ball security

Job Profile: The security guard, generally, should be in proper uniform which is either prescribed or provided by the company for which he is working. He must be at the assigned workplace on time and must remain there until his shift expires.

During the job they should be fairly neat and helpful to the office clients. If any officer ignores anything mentioned here, they are punished for it.

Responsibilities of Security Guard in Government Sector: An ideal security guard is one who follows the rules and disciplines laid down by his company. He looks after the office of his employer with due responsibility and sees that nothing in the office is harmed.

Such officers are deserving and remunerated as well as get respect for their dedication towards work. Ideal security guards are assets of their firm as the risk to the owners regarding the security of the firm is minimized.

Opportunities in Government Sectors: Security guards have high employment opportunities in the government sector. There are tremendous number of Public Sector Undertakings all over India and they all need one or more security officers for security.

Some of the Public Sector Undertakings where there are high employment opportunities for Security Officers are Indian Railways, Reserve Bank of India and other production industries which have Central or State Govt.

Also, there are many government banks where job vacancies are available from time to time. ATMs have added to the recruitment and selection of Security Officers as they are appointed to look after ATMs and assist people in using ATMs.

The government has several buildings of historical importance and heritage buildings, which are taken care of by the security authorities. Hence, the number of Government Jobs for Security Guards in present-day India is huge.

Government gives good salary to security guard, so any person who is not very skilled in any field and struggling to earn money can opt for this job in any government sector.

Generally, unskilled or semi skilled people opt for this job. The job of a security guard is quite old; The kings had security guards who looked after their kingdom, their families, ministers, and others.

However, it should be noted that modern security guards are quite different from the security guards of that period. Present day security officers are bound by certain rules and regulations and have to maintain minimum discipline during working hours.


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