Let’s know how many hours should study to become a topper…

How many hours should I study to become a topper?

Through this article, we will know that how many hours of study is best to become a topper. If you want to improve your memory power at the time of examination, then you should see your answer in writing, writing is the best way to memorize it.

If the students want to pass the exam with good marks or want to become a topper, then according to experts, to become a topper, students should study for at least 8 to 10 hours daily on their studies, students can adjust the number of hours according to their need and convenience. You can also change the number.

You can also bring some adjustments in your habits and behavior. So that you can concentrate more on your studies. The secret about toppers is that they spend 70% of their time practicing. The more they practice, the more marks they get in the exam.

Q1 : Do toppers study daily?

Ans: Toppers study daily to give their best in every subject so that they can get genuine interest in all the subjects.

Q2 : How many hours can the human brain study?

Ans: Studies show that due to natural variations in our alertness cycle, we can concentrate for more than 90 minutes by taking a 15 minute break.


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