Know which country will celebrate New Year 2023 first and last in the world?


Do you know that New Year is not celebrated at the same time in all parts of the world? Different countries will start the year with their own customs and festivals.

But not everyone rings in the new year at the same time because of different time zones. People all over the world are saying goodbye to 2022 and welcoming 2023 by replacing the calendars hanging on the walls.

happy new year
The countdown to 2023 around the world starts just before midnight, but not everyone celebrates the New Year at the same time.
The start of the new year will be celebrated around the Earth throughout the day, with different countries starting the year with their own customs and festivities.

Which country will be the first to celebrate the new year?

Oceania is the first place in the world to celebrate the New Year. Tonga, Kiribati and Samoa are the first countries to start the new calendar year.
Here January 1st starts at 10am GMT or 3:30pm Indian Standard Time on December 31st.

Which country will celebrate the new year later?

Closer to the United States, the uninhabited islands—Baker Island and Howland—are the only places in the world to welcome the New Year.
Where they celebrate their celebration on January 1 at 12 noon GMT or 5:30 pm Indian Standard Time.


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