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Psychology is one of the most important fields of our time. In this article, we will tell you about some of the jobs available in psychology.

Whether you are considering Psychology as a career option and wondering what kind of career would suit you best, or you have already started a career in a certain stream and want to see if your What kind of development opportunities are available for

If you’re considering psychology as a career option or want to change your career path, keep reading! Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. A psychologist investigates the functioning of the brain and related human behavior. The process of healing is not fast but gradual.

jobs in psychology

Know more about Jobs in Psychology in the table below.

jobs in psychologysalaries per annum
Child Psychologist₹480,000 per year
Clinical Psychologist₹355,326 per year
Consulting Psychologist₹66,21,600 per year
Counseling Psychologist₹362,758 per year
Education Psychologist₹10,65,343 per year
Forensic Psychologist₹5,65,000 per year
Health Psychologist₹62,22,705 per year
Industrial/Organizational Psychologist₹4,25,000 per year
Neuropsychologist₹496,647 per year
Psychiatrist₹975,328 per year
School Counsellor/Psychologist₹3,02,012 per year
school psychologist₹549,571 per year
sports psychologist₹589,581 per year


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