How to pass the exam without studying, know how to write without reading.


The biggest problem of the student is how to write if you don’t read anything. Today we tell you how to pass in the exam without studying, how can one write about the thing about which you have not read anything.

Students make this mistake in exams, they do not know what to write, they have read but cannot remember. If you have not studied in the exam for whatever reason it may be or you do not know the answer to any question, then how to write it, how to write it so that you can get the number.

Many times we are not able to go after studying or come to take the examination, then there come such questions which we do not have, we do not remember, then in what way will you write the answer, in which way you can write so that you get the number.

First, understand why students are not able to read, there are many students who may have some personal reason, maybe their health has deteriorated, because of this they have not been able to study, but 90% of the students are such that only because of this I am unable to study because he keeps putting his preparation on tomorrow, he always says that I will study from tomorrow – I will study from tomorrow and he cannot study at all while studying from tomorrow and the exam comes.

Generally there are three types of students who are unable to prepare for the exam.,

  • One Those who have studied before the exam but are not able to repeat in the exam, that is, they had studied two or three months ago, later they are almost forgotten.
  • Others Those who study at the time of examination but due to less time their preparation is not done properly and
  • third It never comes tomorrow but the exam comes. They keep putting it on tomorrow, the whole year goes by and there is no preparation at all.

First class students: Those who had studied earlier are not able to study at the time of examination, then the first thing such students should do is that they do not believe that I did not prepare.

Let them assume that some blurry image of what you have studied is lying in your mind when the question paper comes in front of you. So first of all you look at those questions which you can understand a little bit, if that question is understood even a little bit, then your blurred image will be clear.

Before writing the answer, prepare a structure by keeping in mind the blurred memory that you remember little by little. After that start writing, believe that if the structure is made properly in your mind, then the dust will be removed from your memories and your pen will move forward.

Others students of the way ,

Students who study at the time of examination but cannot remember well, do not prepare well. Students who have studied little but not prepared. When the question paper comes in front of them, you should calm your mind before writing. Because if there will be turmoil in your mind then you will read the questions but will not understand which question to write which answer. Your answers will get mixed, so keep your mind calm, do not show haste and to avoid mental stress, stop studying one hour two hours before the exam.

You have read, do not think that you have not been prepared, then start writing from what is a little bigger and write well by mixing a little writer’s thinking from your side. Creating and writing doesn’t mean you have to make anything. When you read books, understand that whatever is written in that book. There are only two or four things in it which happen from outside which are necessary. The rest of the language style depends on the thinking of the writer, it is determined on the thinking of the writer. Think of that language a bit like a writer and write it with your own understanding.

third students of the way ,

There is absolutely no preparation for the students who keep putting them on tomorrow, but the exam cannot be postponed to tomorrow, you have to give the exam. So even if you have not studied at all, you have not prepared at all, even then do not assume that you have not been prepared.

You consider yourself to be intelligent because you study, you have got admission, you go to school, you go to college, if you are going to school, college, it means you are educated. When the question paper will come in front of you, then whatever question you want to answer, whatever you know related to that subject, you write in the answer to that question.

In which subject is your paper, write whatever you have studied in that subject, as much as your understanding is there. If you write systematically then you will never fail. This time you will pass, so read from next time, don’t put it on tomorrow.


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