How to complain about village head in 2022 (Gaon Ke Pradhan Ki Shikayat Kaise Karen)


Villagers want how to complain to village head (Gaon ke pradhan ki shikayat kaise karen), Gram pradhan ko kaise hataye, Gram pradhan ke kaam ki janch kaise karaye, they don’t know where and to whom they can complain. Today we are going to remove this problem from them.

The villagers have high expectations from the village head (sarpanch). Their job is to develop the village. Implementation of government schemes in the village, but many village heads do not do so. Many village heads consume development money and many get involved in other acts of corruption.

In such a situation, the villagers very much want that they do Gram pradhan ke khilaf complaint kaise karen. Today in this post we will tell how they can complain to the village head.

how to complain about village head

How to complain about your village head?

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and you have a complaint that your village headman also indulges in economic embezzlement, rigging development works or his conduct is corrupt, then you can complain about him sitting at home through toll-free number 1076 . If you want, you can also complain about your village head by visiting the website of

Your complaint will be registered after taking your details from you. From here the complaint is sent to the concerned department. If there is no solution from here then the matter is sent to the higher authority. Despite this, if the problem is not resolved within a week, then action is taken against the officials concerned. However, if someone makes a wrong call in the helpline, instructions have been given by CM Yogi Adityanath to ensure that action is taken on that too.

What kind of evidence should be gathered before making a complaint?

Many a times it happens that the person does not have the proof related to the complaint and he prepares the complaint letter. Don’t do that at all. Don’t just complain in the air. First, gather strong evidence that what you are complaining about is true. Otherwise, it will be considered as an attempt to malign the image. Whatever step you have to take, take it only after complete preparation.

How to check the details of works done in Gram Panchayats?

You may be wondering whether you need enough evidence to make a complaint, where can you collect it. Let us tell you that the complete details of the amount sent to the Gram Panchayat and the money used are also available online these days. You You can get complete information by visiting Apart from this, if you want, you can get complete information about the development works in the village and the amount spent on them under RTI from the village head in writing. This will be a solid basis for your complaint.

There is a large chain of food and drink in the Panchayat Kosh, so online complaints are not effective. Everything is managed at the district level. This corruption can only be controlled by a mass movement by the villagers and not by an absentee complainant. When made by some people by complaint to the district authority with documentary evidence. So after this the investigation is mostly done by the officials who have also been involved in corruption.

Q1 : How to complain about village head to DM?

Ans: The best way to complain about the village head is to meet the DM. It also has a process. Which is as follows, first of all write a complaint letter. Write your complaint in detail in it. If you want, go alone or with other people of the village and meet the DM. Explain your point to them in detail with evidence.

Q2 : What does the village head do?

Q3 : How can a complaint be made against the village head?

Ans: If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, then you can complain to the village head by calling the toll free number 1076.

Q4 : How can complaint of village head be made offline?

Ans: For this, the complaint letter and evidence are handed over to the DM of the district concerned. If he considers it sufficient, then action is taken against him after the investigation of the village head.

Q5 : What is the official website address of E Gram Swaraj?

Ans: The official website address of E Gram Swaraj is


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