Here are the work ideas for poor women…


These days there are so many opportunities for poor women to work. Here are some ideas that poor women can follow as a job to earn money.

Many families around the world are completely dependent on women. Even in households where the man is the breadwinner, the wife has to take up a job to meet the financial needs of the family, despite being poor.

list of work for poor women

1 : sewing embroidery work

This is one of the best jobs for uneducated women and can earn a lot. If you know sewing then you can earn money sitting at home, all you need is sewing machine, thread, cloth material etc.

2: Selling Handicrafts

Handcrafted can really attract a lot of customers. Bottle lamps, photo frames, dream catchers and wall hangings are opportunities for women to earn money using their talents. You can knit hats, shoes, baskets, towels, rugs, decor items, bed sheets, and more.

3 : babysitter

Babysitter or nanny is the best work from home opportunity for you even if you are not educated. It is a very pleasant experience to be with children all day and take care of them, even if they are not your own.

The role of the nanny becomes even more important. This job is not only well paid but is also an overall fulfilling experience for women due to their natural maternal instincts.

4 : Dance / Music Business

This is an amazing business idea for women. Dance and music are most popular for children. Because most parents want their children to learn something other than this.

5 : house cleaning service

Usually women keep the house very clean. Those who are not able to clean their house due to lack of time in their busy schedule. You need to clean the house, sofa, shelves things and also you need to do the things they will say. This will be the best earning job for uneducated housewives.

6 , laundry or press shop

Women will also do work like washing clothes in the house, you can also use this skill to earn money. You provide laundry as well as ironing facilities to the customers who do not have time to wash their own clothes then it would be a great idea to make money from home or laundry shop.

7 : papad making

It is easy and one of the best jobs for uneducated women. Papads, semi-cooked or dry chips made of rice flour, cook completely when heated in oil. We eat it as a snack at home and it is also in good demand in functions and parties. So, this can also be a business that can be done from home.

8 : candle making

Candles are mainly used in homes when there is no current at night, in church where people pray to god by lighting candles, in rallies etc. And making candles is also a very easy process.

9: Apply henna

Almost all women know how to apply henna, but the difference is who is good at it or not. Surely you can earn thousands of rupees, especially during festivals.

10 : Selling packaged/ready-to-eat foods

Packaged or ready-to-eat food is something that all working people depend on. You can go for full meals, snacks, or even independent ingredients that people use at home. You can start small, but as your business grows, you can build up the organization later by offering more custom-made items.

Apart from these works, there are many other works which poor women can do, their list is given here.

  • making pottery
  • making rugs and quilts
  • make small toys
  • making artificial flowers
  • hand bag making
  • fruit and vegetable shop opening
  • opening a flower shop
  • paper bag and box making
  • sell mineral water bottles
  • making jute bags
  • making and selling greeting cards
  • plantation and nursery
  • roasting and selling peanuts

You should focus on meeting the demands of your customers to get the best out of your new business ideas.


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