essay on Republic Day? Essay on twenty six january?

Essay on Republic Day (Essay on 26 January), Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the leading leader of the Indian freedom struggle and famous patriot had declared – ‘Freedom is my birthright and I will have it.’ Not in his life, but many years after his death, India became independent on 15 August 1947 and the dream of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak came true.

essay on Republic Day

essay on Republic Day
essay on 26 january

India became independent, but that independence was incomplete. The reason, despite the rule being ours, the rules and regulations were made by the British. Seeing this deficiency, the leaders of the country made a new constitution and implemented it on the country on 26 January 1950. According to him, the country was declared a ‘Sovereign Sovereign Republic’. Since then this day is celebrated as Republic Day.

Why only 26th January?

According to the new constitution, there is a historical reason for keeping Republic Day on January 26 only. On January 26, 1929, in the days of the freedom struggle, a proposal for complete independence was passed in the congress session on the banks of Rani river in Lahore under the chairmanship of Pandit Nehru.

Then every Indian had taken a vow that we will get complete independence as soon as possible. From that day, the day of 26th January had become a national festival for us. Then every year on this day India ferries used to come out, the flag was saluted and national songs were sung.

To preserve the same historical event and spirit of ‘Independence Day’, the people’s heroes gave the credit of Republic Day to January 26 itself.

communicator of hope and enthusiasm

This celebration of Republic Day is a completely national festival. All the citizens of India, rising above the discrimination of caste, creed and religion, celebrate this festival enthusiastically as the national people of India.

On 26 January, there is gaiety and joy in every corner of the country. Prabhat feris are taken out, national flags are hoisted at all public and private places, people salute them and sing national songs.

All the citizens decorate their homes, shops and offices with colorful electric lanterns and flags like Diwali.

form of ceremony in delhi

This festival is specially organized in the capital of India, Delhi. The Republic Day celebrations of Delhi are grand, attractive and spectacular. As soon as the morning comes, people walk towards ‘India Gate’. Because the special ceremony takes place there.

At a certain time, the President arrives at ‘Vijay Chowk’ sitting on his vehicle, salutes the national flag and accepts the greetings of the naval, land and air forces. After that, the President decorates the brave soldiers and people working in different fields with decorations. On this occasion, the orchestras of the armies fascinate the public with their melodious sound.

After this, the troops of water, land and air forces reach the Red Fort by marching on the main roads of the city. Along with this, students of some selected schools of Delhi also display some of their amazing programs.

Various types of weapons used in war are also displayed on this occasion. Behind this are the tableaux of different provinces of India. Many aircraft of the Air Force also display their amazing skills. Cultural programs of all the provinces are performed in Delhi.

In these, we also get to know the unity hidden in the diversity of India. In the evening, a banquet is hosted by the government at the Rashtrapati Bhavan to eminent citizens. Similarly, in all the states of India, the Governor is greeted there and the year of Republic Day is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm in their respective states.

pride day

On this day every citizen of India takes a pledge to sacrifice his life to safeguard the dignity of the sacred constitution of the country. This national festival increases the pride of the country.

The history of the sacrifices of many patriots of our country is hidden behind this festival. It is a day of great pride and inspiration for the Indian people, celebrating which we are grateful.

In fact, the Republic Day of Jana-Gana-Mana is our great joyous day. This day lets us develop the country and safeguard the pride of the country.

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