Come let’s know how to get the mobile number of the village head?


Gram Pradhan Ka Mobile Number: Let’s know how to get the mobile number of Gram Pradhan –

Village head contact number up : Contact number of any head or BDC of any village of any district in the whole of Uttar Pradesh or district panchayat member, district panchayat president and area panchayat head, how can you remove their mobile number from your mobile

We can find out the mobile number of the village head in two ways.

Village head mobile number

The first way is like this

up gram pradhan mobile number list

1- Panchayati Raj Website website

Gram Pradhan Ka Mobile Number website

2- On the home page, click on the Gram Panchayat Officer Details link.

3- Select your district and click on Filled Gram Panchayat link in front of your district.

Gram Pradhan Ka Mobile Number District

4- After this a new page will open, on that page the postal address of Development Block, Gram Panchayat, Gram Panchayat, Pin Code, Gram Pradhan Name, Gram Pradhan Ka Mobile Number, Caste (Pradhan), Highest Educational Qualification You’ll get it.

Village head mobile number
Village head mobile number

Another way is like this

gram pradhan name list in up

1 – First of all you have to open any one browser on your mobile.

2- Now you have to write on Google

3- After that you have to search by writing OK, after that the website of State Election Commission Uttar Pradesh will open in front of you here.

4- After that here you have to come to this side, in this side you will see a lot of options are being seen, so here you will see the name of the list of panchayat elections which was held in 2015, you are looking at the same winner list. have to click on

5- After that, a page gets opened in this way, now you get the option to select the district, then by clicking on it, you can select the district for whichever district you want to search.

Village head mobile number
village head contact number up

You must first set the district, then wait for a while until it opens.

6- You have to click in front of the district and as you click on it, here you will get the selection of Kshetra Panchayat Head, District Panchayat President, District Panchayat Member, Area Panchayat Member and Gram Panchayat Pradhan.

Click on the one I want, then I select the gram panchayat head, after that I do a little weight again

7- Here you can see that you will see all the blocks in that district first, in this list you have to go down and see your block below, who is your block.

Village head mobile number
Village head mobile number

8- Then the G in front of the blockram Panchayat is visible then you can see your Gram Look at the panchayat, next you will get to see Pradhan ji, his name, his father’s name and mobile number.


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