Come know that in which type of government job medical test cannot be done?


Let’s know which job does not have medical, it is not possible for the candidates to be in the job race for the government without any kind of medical examination. An unhealthy new appointment is a challenge for yourself as well as co-workers.

Yes, medical examination is a must at the time of initial appointment in government jobs. This is usually done before a candidate joins. However, in some cases it may be allowed even after joining.

Medical examination is done before appointment in any government job. This post discusses the medical tests conducted for the posts of Medical Officer, Drug Inspector, Pharmacist, Nurse, Technician, Ayush Doctor etc for Central Government and State Government Departments.

Similar tests are also conducted for other civil posts like Clerks, LDCs, Auditors, Accountants, Engineers, Teachers, Class D employees.

I would say that the medical test depends on the job role. Minimum height and weight are usually taken at the beginning of each medical test.

Medical and Paramedical posts do not require minimum height etc but still it helps in record keeping and also determine whether height weight ratio is normal or not. The candidate will be weighed and his weight will be recorded in kilograms.

Tips to do before a medical test:

  • If you do not have any serious disease or condition then you do not need to panic.
  • Strict watch standards apply only to security forces and relevant departments. Eye standards are also strict for railway posts like driver, trackman, gateman etc. Normal vision using glasses is good enough for other jobs.
  • Cleanliness is very important for medical examination for good effect. Do not forget to take bath, your body should be clean, nose, ears etc.
  • Shirt buttons and other hard things interfere with X-rays. Prefers to wear a T-shirt for X-rays, as it is not necessary to take it off.
  • It would be better that you get your eyes checked and get your blood pressure checked before the medical examination. It helps you in preparing for the color blindness test. And blood pressure test helps you to monitor your stress level.
  • Sometimes you may have to take off some clothes. For example, during the ECG, you may have to lift the upper clothes. To avoid embarrassment, wear clean under-clothes and undergarments during the medical examination.


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