Check out the list of best part time jobs sitting at home.


Many students in India do part time jobs sitting at home along with their studies, but many times the right part time job opportunities are not available. Part time jobs are a great way to earn pocket money or pay off an education loan if you have taken it.

Whether you are in high school or college, finding a part time job as a student is a great way to earn an income while continuing your studies. In this article, we will go through some good part time jobs for school or college students.

part time job sitting at home

1 : Tutor (Tuition): Tutors teach and help students at different levels of education. Tutors can visit the student’s home, any institution, or take online classes. Part time jobs are great as tuition to students who have passion for education.

Tutors can play different roles depending on the student’s needs, such as teaching courses, assisting with homework, or helping students study for exams.

2 : Data Entry Operator : A data entry job requires a person to enter data into a computer and convert it into a file. It is relatively easy to obtain for anyone with knowledge of computer equipment. Sometimes, you may also need the use of a smartphone for this purpose.

It’s so easy that you can just take it out of your dorm room and submit your work online.

3: Freelancer : Freelancers are people who work for themselves and are not employed by any one company. Providing high quality products or services is essential for freelancers. They have complete freedom to do any work of their choice. There is no fixed limit on the salary of a freelancer. Their income depends on the type, quality and quantity of their work.

4 : Blogger: Bloggers are self-employed writers who write, edit, publish and promote their blog content. They come up with new ideas, create and edit blog posts, advertise them to readers, and do research. They may specialize in one or more areas.

5 : Fast Food Attendant : Fast food attendants take food orders, assemble them and serve them to the customers. Food attendant should have good understanding, positive attitude and ability to work at a quick pace. Students can work in various dining establishments either on campus or in their own city.

6 Grocery Store Bagger: Grocery store baggers carry a buyer’s purchased groceries. Sometimes, they have to help carry their groceries to the customers.

7 : Tour Guide : This is another good part time job for students. Every city has certain places or landmarks that receive all kinds of tourists that tourists want to visit.
Tour Guide When you work as a tour guide, make sure you are prepared to answer the plethora of questions that come your way!

8 : Affiliate Marketing: If you are looking for more money while pursuing education, then affiliate marketing is the best option. One can join any affiliate program like Amazon and Flipkart to promote their products.

9 : Blogging : It is the best option for the students who want to do part time job. Whether it is paid or free, create a website and try to update it regularly. Once the blog gets proper traffic, one can earn money through it by displaying ads and promoting various products.

10: Content Writing This is one of the best options in online part time jobs for college students. There are various freelance websites, which provide online earning opportunities to the students by choosing part time content writing jobs.

11 : Fitness Coach: If you are amazingly fit and good at telling fitness mantras to people then here is your chance to become an online fitness coach. This is one of the free online jobs for students without any investment.

As a student, you will want to devote a lot of time to your class work and study. It is essential to ensure that your job gives you enough time for this. Job seekers make the most of their time. A job closer to your place of residence may take less time to travel and may be ideal for you.

You may need breaks in college to take exams from time to time. This may also require you to take a day or two off before the exam. Take leave permission in such situations.

questions to ask

Q: What is a part time job?

Ans: Part time job is a great way to earn pocket money or pay off education loan if you have taken it. The biggest advantage of part time job for students is that it can be done from home.

Q: What factors should be considered while applying for a part time job?

Answer: Since part time jobs are for students, it is best to consider your schedule when applying. While applying for a part time job, you need to keep in mind your college timings, assignments and other such factors.

Q: Does the experience of the students matter while applying for a part time job?

Answer: In fact, many organizations look for candidates who have some experience working in the industry. It reflects your passion and willingness to learn. So yes, having experience in a part time job matters while applying for a part time job.

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